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Integrity Auto Group

Integrity Auto Group was founded in 1999 to fill a void in the Wichita used car market. After decades of work inside some very succesful Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda dealerships we noticed that there was a shortage of used cars that people want in an affordable price range. If you wanted a Ford Taurus in the $10-14,000 price range there were 10 of them on every lot in town, but if you wanted a Lexus, or a Tahoe, or maybe a Honda Accord in the same price range there was nothin' zero, zip, zilch!  At Integrity Auto Group, we specialize in finding the vehicles that people search for the most, such as the best colors and the most popular equipment packages. We select only the vehicles that look, drive and smell like new. If not, we turn the other way.

Now you may ask, if these cars are so hard to find how does Integrity buy 60-100 of them month in and month out? Well we have a better network of experienced buyers, strategically located across the country, that are physically in front of 25,000 used vehicles at dealer auctions each and every week and their missioin is to find and buy the best 20 of the group. We are simply not interested in cars with dings, dents, or scratches. Smoked in cars with cigarette burns, vehicles with worn out interiors and funny smells need not apply. All of our cars are inspected and road tested prior to being offered for sale.

What if Integrity doesn't have what you are looking for in stock? Well as I said before our buyers are in front of 25,000 cars, trucks, and vans every week, we have bought hundreds of people the exact vehicle they wanted, the right year, the right model, the right mileage, the right color, the right equipment all agreed upon before we purchased it. You are not even obligated to buy the vehicle when it arrives if it is not as nice as we described. We have done hundreds of transactions like this over the last decade and have never had a customer turn one down.

The most successful dealers in the industry are constantly striving to do one thing, build value. Dealers do it with websites, advertising, mission statements, community involvement, kid-zones in the showroom, testimonials, YouTube videos, facebook pages and on and on and on.

Now we are not any different, we build value in our product as well, but outside of all the fluff, two weeks after you buy your car what does all this value that has been built mean to you? Well at most dealerships it means that you paid a higher price, which was the goal.

What if a dealer did something crazy? What if they built all this value but still provided the best value of all..... A LOW PRICE?





Integrity Auto Group
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